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Hello, I’m Theresa Giallanza

Senior Financial Analyst, ESN


Theresa began her career with Experient in 2006, joining the ESN team in 2015. Having been previously active in the our company’s Contracts and Sales Administration, Revenue Management and Accounting and Finance departments, Theresa has the experience and knowledge to assist the ENAMs with issues from the time a dually signed contract is first submitted, through the final commission payment on that contract. Utilizing the support she can offer will allow one more time to spend growing their business.


I began my career with Experient in 2006, and started working exclusively with the ESN in 2015. Please reach out to me for anything related with your P4 Commission Report which includes your Pay (commissions), Pickups, Past Due, and Pipeline assistance. Based out of the Twinsburg, Ohio office of Maritz Global Events, I work closely with Accounting/Finance as well as Sourcing and can quickly find answers to questions you may have… or at least lead you to the subject matter expert.

My Contact Information

Address: Twinsburg, OH
Phone: 330-486-0356
Fax: 330-486-9056

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