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Truly Differentiate Yourself From the Competition.

What differentiates you from Day One includes:

Proprietary Spectrum

Personalized sales material

Exclusive SelectSource promotion

Exclusive Global General Managers

Ability to open doors

Spectrum RFI/RFP Tool a proprietary tool to help you demonstrate benchmarking metrics to help clients objectively compare cities and properties. 
Personalized sales material to help you compellingly show your clients how you are different than everyone else
SelectSource incentives to help your clients select additional value added benefits they prefer when working with you
Exclusive Global General Managers to work with you and your clients on key opportunities in Europe, Latin America or Asia to mitigate client risk if things go wrong
Ability to open doors whether the clients initial concern is registration, housing, planning, supplier management or hotel sourcing.
Lisa Zent

“Flexibility! I love that I can read in my first-grader’s class every Tuesday. I love that I can attend a daytime party for my kids. I love that I can do some catch-up at 10 p.m. when everyone else has gone to bed! I would not trade what I do for anything. I truly love my life! As many of my colleagues often say, ‘We are living the dream.’”

Lisa Zent, Kentucky
Diane Steele

“I started over 10 years ago and loved the idea of being my “own boss.” And, my financial future is now determined by “me.” The sky is the limit! I’m in charge of my own destiny."

Diane Steele, Texas
Doug McPhee

I love being in charge of my own time and the flexibility of my day. I know that the more I work, the more I make.”

Doug McPhee, Washington
Kelly Phinney

“I can be here for my family, but still be successful and contribute to our financial goals. I love that my girls are seeing that you don’t have to give one up for the other.”

Kelly Phinney, Maine

Join the Meeting & Convention Industry’s Most Envied Independent Sales Team

Maritz Global Events has been an industry leader for more than 125 years serving the unique needs of associations and trade shows.

So whether you have prospects, want to plan a corporate meeting for 100, a trade show for thousands or a meeting of fans who like any hobby you can think of, you represent the brand your clients will trust and recognize.

If you have a passion for the events industry and have a desire to take control of your career; if you are ready to have complete control of your financial opportunities; and if you are ready to show up every day with an obsession of being the best event strategist for your customers, this may well be your perfect career opportunity.

Contact us to further explore your opportunities with Maritz Global Events.

Put our strengths to work for you!

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