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Hello, I’m Teresa Dinovo

Event Strategist, ESN

As your organization grows you will often need to conduct events in destinations that may be new for your team. In addition to our massive network throughout North America, we have established a local presence throughout the world by integrating 30 global partners that extend our skills and influence into 60 additional countries outside North America. And thanks to the collective data and knowledge secured by contracting 4.6 million room nights annually, you can be confident you are receiving the optimum combination of rates, concessions, and terms every time.


“Teresa Dinovo has been like a member of the National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE)! Teresa and the outstanding reputation of Experient works with properties to ensure our organization gets exactly what we need to put on an outstanding training symposium at the best price possible. Teresa also always returns my calls promptly and is always interested in how the organization is doing.”

Michael D. Werneke
Executive Director
National Institute of Packaging, Handling, and Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE)

“I can count on Experient’s Teresa Dinovo for fast, efficient service with the highest level of customer service. We’ve never met in person but she feels like a friend – she looks out for us throughout the whole process of finding venues and holding events. As a non-profit we value that she is able to help us find quality, affordable locations for meetings.”

Joyce Briggs
Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs.

“Teresa Dinovo was absolutely invaluable as we planned our next national conference. Our program is too small for us to have our own conference personnel, but she was so helpful, we didn’t need one!”

Esther Mechler

I joined Experient in the fall of 2005 after a 20 plus year career in the hospitality industry where I gained valuable experience in hotel operations and contract negotiations. I learned the importance of effective communication as well as the value of the total picture.” In today’s rapid-fire business environment, finding ways to save time is a must. Outsourcing time consuming activities just makes sense – for you and your organization.

My Personal Statement

Customer Service is my number one priority

My Contact Information

Address: 403 Woodside Place, Bellefontaine, OH 43311
Phone: 937.593.6502

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