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Hello, I’m Debbie Borel Ploeger

Event Strategist, ESN

(409) 790-3624

Whether you are interested in an “ala carte” menu or “bundling” of services, Experient has the solutions, the buying power and the industry relationships to get the job done.

Often times we get lumped into the category of “site selection company” but that doesn’t begin to cover the depth of our service capabilities. Even when I have a client that needs only “sourcing” (and many do), they can rest assured that they will get so much more. My involvement doesn’t end with the signing of the contract. When empowered and acting as your designated agent, I can save you and/or your organization time, money and potential exposure. And thanks to the collective data and knowledge secured by contracting 4.6 million room nights annually, you can be confident you are receiving the optimum combination of rates, concessions, and terms every time.

Keep in mind, this is a team effort and is best accomplished through partnership with you, our hotel and industry partners, and a highly talented network of Experient colleagues and subject matter experts. Let me be more than just another vendor or supplier… let me be your partner.


“Debbie has been a tremendous source of information and has been very helpful in sourcing our meetings, and locating the best properties for our group. She is a powerful negotiator and relationship builder. Her communications skills are superior in quality and timeliness. I feel well informed at every step in the process – from search and RFP to contracting, to inventory and attendance. Debbie has made my work load so much easier and more enjoyable. I love working with her!”

Rebecca Roberts, Conference Director, Underwater Intervention
Association of Diving Contractors International

In March 2003, I joined the ESN after spending the previous 13 years on the supplier side of the industry. Working remote, this career offers me the opportunity to change scenery. With a home on the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas, I’m able to easily commute from the city to the beach. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty and allure of the shore. For me, nothing says relaxation more than the intermingling of sun, surf, and sand.

My Personal Statement

T.I.P.P. Be Truthful, Intentional, Passionate & Prayerful

My Contact Information

Serving Houston, Galveston & Southeast Texas
PO Box 2004, Crystal Beach, TX 77650
Phone: (409) 790-3624

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